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Hospital / Helathcare

Maintain Your Medical Facility With Professional Security

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are unique in many ways. The incredible number of personnel and daily visitors require an ease of access that can present security risks, but at the same time the facility must maintain a high level of safety, especially for patients. Praetorian Group & Associates has over 25 years of experience in this specific area of security operations and can provide the necessary structure and security that highly populated hospitals demand.

Reliable Emergency Response

Emergencies further complicate security management affairs in such a singular environment. While the personnel within a hospital are uniquely able to respond to emergencies, taking time away from their current tasks - consultations, surgery, patient visits, lab work, etc. - would be detrimental in many ways. Praetorian Group & Associates provides highly trained and qualified agents with emergency response capabilities that have been cultivated specifically for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Effective Operations & Security For Every Contingency

  • Patient / Visitor / Personnel Security

  • Facilities Security

  • Access Control

  • Security Guards

  • Security Software & Technology

  • Emergency Response

  • Courtesy Patrol