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Las Vegas Executive Protection Services

Praetorian Group & Associates provides professional bodyguard and executive protection services for many billionaires, high net-worth individuals, celebrities, public figures & entrepreneurs transiting to through and from Las Vegas and require a more specialized option to mitigate threats and security challenges. 


Praetorian Group provides temporary armed and unarmed protection services for black tie events, corporate conferences, fund raisers, business meetings, social gatherings, night clubs, government events, expositions, VIP Gatherings, Major political & Entertainment gala's and other high profile special events.  We can work with any existing security team insuring all of your personnel are compliant with the state Private Investigator Licensing Board making certain your team is not inadvertently exposing you to unknown liability.

Veteran Owned & Operated, Praetorian Group leadership has a proven track record of providing quality close protection services throughout the world and in austere environments and conflict regions.

    -  Close Protection Specialists - trained, experienced and vetted                    professionals.

    -  Convoy Security - Secure support for logistics and transport.

    -  Secure Travel Services - International Executive Travel Partners.

    -  Asset Protection (Static or Mobile)

    _  Executive Protection & Personal Security Details

    _  Executive Travel Partners - Low profile discreet service available.

    -  Intelligence gathering, threat & vulnerability assessments and                threat analysis.   

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Security Escort Services

Due to the high number of conventions and trade shows that take place every year across Las Vegas, Praetorian group & Associates now offers a protective escort to insure a safe arrival at your destination if you are traveling with valuables, jewelry, money, documents or high value assets.  We offer this as a discreet service to limit your profile and exposure to potential threats.  We offer GPS tracking of people and assets who may require real-time tracking & monitoring, or in the event of kidnapping and retrieval.  Additionally, we specialize in the recovery of missing and trafficked individuals transiting through Las Vegas and we support non profit organizations combating human trafficking in Nevada.

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