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Security Guard Services

Knowledge, integrity, reliability are core values all Praetorian Group Security Guards and Officers live and serve by.  Each Officer has received extensive training and are fully licensed to perform safety and security on behalf of our clients.  Praetorian Group & Associates hires a significant number of veterans of all branches of the armed services.  Many of these veterans bring with them a wealth of specialized training, experience and wisdom that can only be found in men and women who have served.  We maintain a consistent hiring and training standard in order to provide the highest level of service.  We realize that the safety and security officers present at your event, community or facility reflect on the professionalism and reputation of Praetorian Group & Associates Security Services, but also on you as our client.

You can easily identify our Officers by their uniforms and attire and professional grooming standards.

For office buildings, resorts and high-rise residential buildings, we have Officers uniformed in a blazer with white shirt, tie, grey pants and black shoe's.

We have casual uniform which is a light colored Polo style shirt with black pants.

Construction site or outdoor posts use a High-visibility Polo style shirt, durable, easily identifiable yellow (w/ orange or yellow caution vests when requested), with khaki trousers and black shoe's or boot's.


Casual uniform, which is a grey collared Polo style shirt with black pants and black shoes.  (No tie).


We can also customize the uniform to fit the clients branding and/or preferences. 


Call Now for information on pricing and a consultation on solutions to all of your security challenges. 

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