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Federal Services Division

Praetorian Group's Federal Services Division was established for the purpose of providing specialized security and support services to the U.S. Government.  Praetorian Group & Associates has been active in the global war on terror, our global network and professional relationships developed over decades of combined operational and military experience, is our foundation in maintaining our capabilities to provide and guarantee a professional, long-term level of mission support.

Diplomatic Security

The business and mission of Praetorian Group & Associates Federal Services is focused on delivering the most integrated and tested intelligence security solutions available to support the us government.

Praetorian Group & Associates will deliver seamlessly integrated security solution and mission support services for embassies and U.S. instillations around the world.


The vital diplomatic mission of the U.S. Government to control instability and violence around the globe, and is supported by Praetorian Group's principles to not just meet, but exceed expectations and requirements set forth by the State Department and other Government Agencies.

We provide a universal, mission based service with expertly trained staff.  Our philosophy provides the adaptability and rapid deployment capability to respond to the ever evolving needs of the federal government.  

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Praetorian Group & Associates foundational force protection concepts coupled with our new model for high threat security protection operations including local threat analysis and cultural intelligence guiding the day to day security operations.  

Our expertly lead diplomatic teams and private details for fixed site security forces are intelligence and technology driven operations at the top tier of the evolving tactical environment facing our embassies around the globe. 

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