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Retail Loss Prevention Services

Praetorian Group & Associates goal is to develop strong, long lasting relationships with their clients who can venefit from their broad platform of experience.  Ultimately, Praetorian Group offers an unparalleled mix of experience, professionalism and proven security and loss prevention practices.  

Praetorian Group believes our success is realized by collaborating and  partnering with our clients from the beginning of the relationship, establishing a high level of trust and integrity early on.  This is why Praetorian Group is a trusted source in the provision of retail loss prevention services in Las Vegas and Clark County.  Providing the highest quality services and best trained security associates to our clients.  

Licensed and Bonded, we provide the highest level of training to our officers, selecting the most suitable candidates in the interview process, providing foundational instruction then mentoring and monitoring on the job.  Our Officers maintain a constant state of training and evaluation, this grants us the highest degree of quality control and accountability.  

Praetorian Group is capable of providing a high profile, highly visible solution.  Or a discreet , low profile, low visibility undercover option as well.  

Office buildings, warehouses, retail outlets and establishments are prime targets for theft, vandalism and break in.  Praetorian Group & Associates provides professional, uniformed security and low profile theft investigators, trained in the latest loss prevention techniques to deter and prevent loss and ensure a safe environment.  

We will collaborate with you the client to identify loss and apply common sense strategies to reduce and eliminate loss.  From policies and procedures, training and alarm systems, to conduction loss prevention and risk assessments, Praetorian Group & Associates can help you harden and protect your most vital assets.  

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