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The Praetorian Group Motto is "Securitas Et Fides" translated:  Security and Loyalty.  Praetorian Security Officers are mission driven.  Officer's are trained and mentored insuring Policies and Procedures are trained, reinforced and upheld.  Every Officer maintains a constant state of training.  Security Officers are orientated upon hiring and attend Legion X Level I Security Officer Candidate Training.  Here they are introduced to advanced concepts of conflict resolution, report writing, investigations, Officer Safety and Defensive Only Tactics.  Upon completion, Officers are entered into the employee mentoring program.  Here the Officers direct supervisor assumes responsibility for mentoring and instructing the Officer on the job and in a classroom setting.  Officers are routinely tested and evaluated on their post orders and retention of critical knowledge, including General Orders and client specific directives.

We understand through our decades of experience, an Officers knowledge of his/her policies and procedures IS their power as an Officer.  Officers receive continuous instruction and are routinely tested and provided (Non Disciplinary) counseling on their performance.  Any officer failing to meet the standard is deferred to our remedial training program to insure universal standards are met. 

The Result?

Upon completion of training, the Officer is well trained, knowledgeable of his/her job and responsibilities, accountable to his/her post and all directives issued by senior management and the client.  Fully aware of the mission, and parameters.  Our training and mentoring program significantly reduces turnover.  75% of the Praetorian Group Officer Corps has been with the company for 2 or more years.  Eliminating high turnover rates is essential to improving quality of service and long term continuity.    



Praetorian Group's success is attributed to our exceptional leadership.  Every failure at the ground level, ultimately, is a failure in leadership.  Praetorian Group recognizes this fact.  All of Praetorian Group Managers and Lead Trainee's attend routine training as well.  All manager's and supervisors are required to attend the Legion X Initiative Based Management Program.  The Initiative Based Management Program was developed to improve accountability at all levels.  All Supervisors are trained to monitor and record training progress, insure retention of critical knowledge and progressive non disciplinary counseling to Officer Recruits and Veteran Officers alike.  Doing everything and even a little more to make certain all post orders and directives from their chain of command are adhered to and enforced.  The Supervisor is accountable for all personnel administrative duties, field training, mentoring and testing.  The Supervisors findings and recommendations are communicated to senior management.  Supervisors are evaluated and routinely counseled and are encouraged to continually grow and improve.  

Praetorian Group

Security Training Program

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